Snow & Ice Management

As beautiful as a fresh snowfall can look on a crisp winter morning, we understand that most of the world needs to get out in it! Our goal is to turn a potentially treacherous situation into a clean and safe one. Our Snow & Ice Management Services are the most reliable and budget friendly around. When it comes to snow, we don’t mess around. We have the references to prove how reliable our services really are.

Snow Plowing

We match specific equipment to each location, based on the unique needs of each property. We carefully place snow according to a snow response plan for each property, addressing priority areas first and being mindful of fire hydrants, handicap areas, sidewalks, ramps, docks, loading/unloading areas, etc. Our plowing is professional, systematic, and efficient.

Sidewalk Clearing

We are dedicated to maintenance and snow removal for site walkways and entry areas during a storm. Our crews are trained to eliminate any hazardous condition such as snow and ice. After clearing sidewalks, crews apply Salt or Environment Ice Melt based upon clients request.

Salt or Environment Ice Melt Applications (Clients Choice)

  • Avoid black ice! A thin layer of ice over asphalt or concrete can cause a liability nightmare.
  • To ensure salt is effective, crews scrape all frozen snow off before de-icing begins.
  • Even small accumulations of ice can be dangerous to motorists and pedestrians.
  • Responsible, proactive de-icing plans save thousands in injury and workman compensation claims

We service Commercial and Residential properties in the Rolla Area. We offer per push and seasonal contracts. We are Fully Insured and are available 24/7 during the winter.  Thank you for choosing Anderson Lawn Care & Contracting, LLC.  Please fill out the form on our contact page and we will respond to you within 24 hours for a custom Snow and Ice Management Consultation.

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